Watch How to Litter Train Your Cat


How to use Litter Getter to train all cat breeds | pet supplies | Cat litter box attractant Step 1 | Sprinkle lightly

Add your favorite cat litter to a clean or new litter box, add your favorite cat litter. Sprinkle Litter Getter so it lightly covers the entire litter box.  


Step 2 | Add litter and more getter

Whenever you add more litter, sprinkle an additional 1/8 bottle of Litter Getter into the box. This allows for quick and effective clumping.  


Step 3 | Praise your cat!

As your cat makes the smooth transition to Litter Getter, continue to praise your furry companion for doing a good job. Your cat will appreciate the all natural ingredients and softer texture. You will enjoy cleaner rugs.  



More suggestions of litter box issues

Cats like to eliminate in clean areas just like you do. So be sure to clean your cat’s litter box thorough and often. Some cats may feel that they need an individual area to eliminate, so make sure if you have multiple cats that each individual cat has its own litter box. Check to make sure that the litter box is easily accessible and properly sized (not to small!) for your precious cat. Use of consistent litter is very important. A feline has a keen sense of touch and smell that lead your cat on their late night strolls. Check out our Cats 101 page and get proven suggestions on cat behavior training.