Cats 101

Did you know?

Cats not only need attention and affection, they require a feeling of safety. Provide them a place to hide such as under a bed, a hidey hole or cat tree, and a soft bed. Cats are very clean animals. They often spend a great amount of hours in a day preening and grooming themselves. The litter box needs to reflect this desire for cleanliness. Scooping out clumps daily is recommended. Occasionally, cats will find other, more creative, but less desirable places to serve as their litter box. Weekly emptying and a thorough washing of the box is important. Cats are loveable companions with the potential to offer you many years of joy. Knowing how to lay the right foundation for this relationship will make that relationship a strong one.

Is littergetter safe for my cat?

Littergetter's all-natural blend is completely safe for your cat and children.  

How often should I feed my cat?

A good diet will help your cat remain part of your family for many years. Choose a food that has real meat, a varied combination of whole grains, vegetables, vitamins and other carbohydrates. The best cat foods contain an essential nutrient called taurine amino acid cats cannot produce. Cats should have access to food and water at all times. They're known to be nibblers, so they will snack off and on all day long. You'll also need some toys to keep them entertained, a scratching post if they are not declawed, and a litter box. Don't forget treats so you can spoil your new loved one. Upon bringing them home introduce them to their surroundings and pay special attention to where the letter box is located.

What is good exercise for my cat?

Cats are smart creatures and desire a high level of mental stimulation. Cat toys such as play mice with catnip inside can entertain them for hours. Feathers can provide an opportunity for you to play with your cat. A cat tree can is a safe place for your cat to watch over its kingdom. (You only thought it was yours). A window perch is often a worthwhile investment. Not only can your cat watch the world go by, but it also offers a comfortable place to take a cat nap in the sunshine.

How do I know how my cat is doing?

Maintaining good health is vital to promoting a long life for your cat, as well as preventing behavioral and health problems. If you don't know your cat's history or when he or she last had a medical exam, you'll need to schedule an appointment at your local veterinarian's office. This exam will not only include an evaluation of your cat's health, but will also provide you with an update on vaccinations to keep your cat healthy. This exam will give you an opportunity to discuss spaying or neutering your pet if it has not already been done. During  the first few days at home, it's important to keep in mind essential things your cat needs.

1st Time Cat Owners! 

Choosing your cat is the most important first step in cat ownership. The right cat is not just cute or friendly. The right cat must have the perfect disposition for your family, receive the right amount of attention you are able provide for your given lifestyle, and space. Also, please keep in mind that some cats are more susceptible to diseases and chronic conditions. You'll need to be prepared to financially provide for special needs or high maintenance cats.

Where can I get a cat?

There are numerous places to find the perfect cat for your family. Shelters are often a great place to find a mature cat with an established behavior or history. Many farms also offer cats to loving homes for a nominal fee. It is always a good idea to prepare for your cat prior to bringing them home.