November 26, 2014


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The cat who inspired it all

Jackson the blind cat inspired a business that helps beloved cats everywhere. As Jackson got older, his eye sight took a turn for the worst, making it difficult for him to find the litter box. He eventually went blind. Not only was this uncomfortable for Jackson, but our family as well. As Jackson continued to LG struggle making his way to the litter box, we were constantly right behind him cleaning up. However, this wasn't enough of a reason to give up. He wasn't just a cat, he was part of our family. He rode along on family trips and made lasting impressions on everyone he met. Refusing to give up on our blind companion, we knew something had to be done---Litter Getter was born.

Get to know LG's Founders

JP | Raised on a farm in Eastern Nebraska, JP is proud of his heritage. His family has been farming the same ground for 142 years. He received an outstanding education in Agriculture and was fortunate to also follow his dream of studying abroad in France. After receiving his MBA, he was extremely thankful for the opportunity he had to work with some of the biggest business' in the world doing management consulting. However, he realized it wasn't what he was passionate about. He traded in his suit and tie for blue jeans and boots and followed his passion for Agriculture. JP stands by his grandpa's philosophy “Take care of the ground and it'll take care of you.”

Sam | Born in Uzbekistan, Sam came to the United States at the age of 16 to pursue an American education. The brave decision to move across the world was the driving force behind his ambition and determination. Sam uses his knowledge and charisma to navigate Litter Getters's future to become the leading provider of cat litter training solutions.

5 Most Viral Cat Videos on the Internet

Egyptians were at war with Persians, the Persian general decided to steal as many cats as possible from the Egyptians. In order to get their precious meowing pets back, they had to surrender their land to the Persians.

We still wonder why cats set the Internet aflame?

Here are 5 famous feline that have become Internet sensations all on their own:

1. Ask Jupiter - Talking Cat Answers Your Questions 

2. The OMG Cat

The story of human-cat relationship dates back to 2000 B.C.E. Cats became very helpful to humans for their ability to hunt mice and snakes. Egyptians first domesticated kitties 4000 years ago to take care of the grain stores. Egyptians even began taking cats hunting because they could fetch birds from marshes. The ancient Egyptians called cats “Mau” and they rarely gave cats actual pet names

3. Surprised Kitty

4. Iggy Investigated an Ipad

5. 'I Love Cats'

Cats at one point were representing deities like the famous goddesses Bast who was the deity of protection, fertility, and motherhood.


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