October 20, 2014


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The cat who inspired it all

Jackson the blind cat inspired a business that helps beloved cats everywhere. As Jackson got older, his eye sight took a turn for the worst, making it difficult for him to find the litter box. He eventually went blind. Not only was this uncomfortable for Jackson, but our family as well. As Jackson continued to LG struggle making his way to the litter box, we were constantly right behind him cleaning up. However, this wasn't enough of a reason to give up. He wasn't just a cat, he was part of our family. He rode along on family trips and made lasting impressions on everyone he met. Refusing to give up on our blind companion, we knew something had to be done---Litter Getter was born.

Get to know LG's Founders

JP | Raised on a farm in Eastern Nebraska, JP is proud of his heritage. His family has been farming the same ground for 142 years. He received an outstanding education in Agriculture and was fortunate to also follow his dream of studying abroad in France. After receiving his MBA, he was extremely thankful for the opportunity he had to work with some of the biggest business' in the world doing management consulting. However, he realized it wasn't what he was passionate about. He traded in his suit and tie for blue jeans and boots and followed his passion for Agriculture. JP stands by his grandpa's philosophy “Take care of the ground and it'll take care of you.”

Sam | Born in Uzbekistan, Sam came to the United States at the age of 16 to pursue an American education. The brave decision to move across the world was the driving force behind his ambition and determination. Sam uses his knowledge and charisma to navigate Litter Getters's future to become the leading provider of cat litter training solutions.

Own a Well-Disciplined Cat with Automatic Cat Litter Box

Are you looking for the best means of making your cat litter training easier and simpler? Well, no need for you to be bothered anymore since automatic cat litter box training is already here to help you out with such concerns. Automatic cat litter box training can be at its easiest phase if the pet owner will be using Litter Getter as one of the product that will be combined with their automatic cat litter box. Litter Getter is the most effective and convenient type of litter training that can easily assist and guide your pet cat with their littering activity

The common question asked by cat owners is how Litter Getter can help train a cat to an automatic litter box? Well, this is due to the high quality natural features Litter getter possesses which can easily help cat to develop well-mannered approach in litter box training. To give you an idea as to how Litter Getter helps cat with their litter box training here are some of the things you need to consider and these are as follows:

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  • Effective and Natural Scents

This litter getter has 100% natural scents which are primarily based from the combined herbs and natural ingredients. This is very essential since training your cat to use their litter box can be easy since they will enjoy littering on it because of the fragrant and natural scent. Litter getter can drive cat to stay in the place every time they wanted to dispose their waste due to the scent.

  • Litter Attractant Featurescat|Automatic|litter|box|Training

Litter Getter can easily attract cats to stay in the place because of the attractive features that it possesses. Convenient impact of this product plays an essential role in making the litter training of your cat easier. The use of Litter Getter will easily and properly guide and assist your cat towards the right litter box promoting consistent and even long-term use of their litter box. This is one way of practicing them with the right litter training they need to develop as they grow old.

With litter getter, cat owners are given great assurance that they can effectively guide and help their cats towards becoming well-mannered when it comes to their littering and disposing activity. With the high quality features that this product puts emphasis with, cat owners will be given relaxing and convenient time without worrying on littering problems of their cat. So, spare time to have this litter getter for your cat during their litter training with their automatic cat litter box for effective and convenient training results you are aiming for.

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