October 03, 2014


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The cat who inspired it all

Jackson the blind cat inspired a business that helps beloved cats everywhere. As Jackson got older, his eye sight took a turn for the worst, making it difficult for him to find the litter box. He eventually went blind. Not only was this uncomfortable for Jackson, but our family as well. As Jackson continued to LG struggle making his way to the litter box, we were constantly right behind him cleaning up. However, this wasn't enough of a reason to give up. He wasn't just a cat, he was part of our family. He rode along on family trips and made lasting impressions on everyone he met. Refusing to give up on our blind companion, we knew something had to be done---Litter Getter was born.

Get to know LG's Founders

JP | Raised on a farm in Eastern Nebraska, JP is proud of his heritage. His family has been farming the same ground for 142 years. He received an outstanding education in Agriculture and was fortunate to also follow his dream of studying abroad in France. After receiving his MBA, he was extremely thankful for the opportunity he had to work with some of the biggest business' in the world doing management consulting. However, he realized it wasn't what he was passionate about. He traded in his suit and tie for blue jeans and boots and followed his passion for Agriculture. JP stands by his grandpa's philosophy “Take care of the ground and it'll take care of you.”

Sam | Born in Uzbekistan, Sam came to the United States at the age of 16 to pursue an American education. The brave decision to move across the world was the driving force behind his ambition and determination. Sam uses his knowledge and charisma to navigate Litter Getters's future to become the leading provider of cat litter training solutions.

10 Reasons Why Cat Ownership Is The Best Decision Ever

If your cat is leaving dookie everywhere but his litter box, you may feel a tad distanced from the little guy. Don't be too harsh on him. Owning a cat is one of the best decisions you've ever made! While you're cleaning up the mess and finding your zen, here's a list to remind you why owning a cat is awesome:

  1. Quiet as a mouse.

Cats are stealthy and independent animals. You won't have to worry about a cat keeping you up at night or balking at insignificant sounds.

  1. Speaking of, would you like a mouse?

Cats love gift giving! Okay, maybe not quite the kind we hope for...but beggars can't be choosers. If you've ever been presented with a lifeless mouse or a half-dead squirrel, you'll know what we're talking about. Cats bring us "gifts" instinctively as a training response for their young. If you're cat doesn't have young, you're the next best thing. Enjoy!

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  1. Kitten Therapy.

Must we say more?

  1. Let's Lounge.

We're big fans of cat naps. It's too bad we can't mimic a cat's actual sleeping schedule. Cats nap nearly all day, every day. As your feline friend approaches nine years old, he will have been awake for only three years! Now that's the good life.

  1. Entertainment.

Broke? Bored? Enter cat and laser pointer for some seriously good (and free) entertainment.

  1. No walking required.

It's possible for your cat to stay inside his entire life with no problems. Permission granted to become a recluse.  

  1. Self-cleaning

We here at Litter Getter pride ourselves on low-maintenance pet care. Fittingly, cats are self-grooming animals with around 50% of their awake time spent cleaning themselves. Some cat owners have a distinct liking for that certain cat aroma (It's okay, we don't judge.)

  1. Cats are internet superstars.

Check out YouTube for some hilarious cat videos. Here's 14 minutes of cat silliness.


  1. Feeling blue?

Cats are remarkably intuitive and can sense when you've had a rough day. Your cat will know just the remedy to cheer you up when you're weighted with melancholy.

  1. Warm welcome for house guests.

Dog problems such as barking, jumping, excited peeing and scaring friends are nonexistent with cats. You can trust that your cat will be a perfect gentleman or lady with newcomers.

Are you ready to love your cat sans dookie? Visit our product page for Litter Getter's cat-tastic solution.




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