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Keep You Cat Happy During Holiday Season

You've had an amazing weekend away. As your front door opens, ammonia-drenched air slaps you in the face like a ninja from nowhere. Pungent. Biting. Revolting. You scream in terror while you scramble to open a window. Yikes! Your favorite feline sprayed your walls, your sofa and your house. And we're not talking about Fabreeze.


While your cat may be the most low-maintenance family member, you should know his plumbing parts are pretty finicky. Feline kidneys are genetically weak. Additionally, cats are prone to dehydration. These combined issues make for a dangerous effect in the kidneys, bladder, and entire urinary system. The illness is called by many names including Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Feline Urologic Syndrome (FUS), Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), Feline Idiopathic Cystitis and Feline Interstitial Cystitis. The condition affects cats of all ages, it's found most often in middle-aged and over-weight cats. Also, cats that have experienced one UTI are likely to be affected by more episodes later in life.

First, let's look at some causes of UTIs in cats:

- stress in the home (talk about having all the family at home with your children)

A cat in distress will spray as a result of both big and small changes in his environment. This could include everything from swapping houses to entertaining a new guest. Your cat may use spraying as a means to ease his discomfort or tension around the situation.

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Litter Getter™ is made up of all-natural herbs and plant extracts that are homegrown on our farm. Our blend influence's the felines natural instincts and replicated an outdoor environment for your cat to enjoy the litter box. Cats are attracted by scent, making Litter Getter a great option for stressed cats



5 Most Viral Cat Videos on the Internet

Egyptians were at war with Persians, the Persian general decided to steal as many cats as possible from the Egyptians. In order to get their precious meowing pets back, they had to surrender their land to the Persians.

We still wonder why cats set the Internet aflame?

Here are 5 famous feline that have become Internet sensations all on their own:

1. Ask Jupiter - Talking Cat Answers Your Questions 

2. The OMG Cat

The story of human-cat relationship dates back to 2000 B.C.E. Cats became very helpful to humans for their ability to hunt mice and snakes. Egyptians first domesticated kitties 4000 years ago to take care of the grain stores. Egyptians even began taking cats hunting because they could fetch birds from marshes. The ancient Egyptians called cats “Mau” and they rarely gave cats actual pet names

3. Surprised Kitty

4. Iggy Investigated an Ipad

5. 'I Love Cats'

Cats at one point were representing deities like the famous goddesses Bast who was the deity of protection, fertility, and motherhood.


Bonus: Litter Getter - How to Keep Your Cat Happy


Cat Running for Congress Could Teach Politicians a Few Things

1. Hank for Senate: Cat Runs For Office In Virginia


2. Morris the cat rans for mayor of Mexico City in 2013.


3. A cat has been mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, for 15 years. His name is Stubbs.



7 Astounding Facts About Cats

1. A house cat is faster than Usain Bolt. 

2. There are cats who have survived falls from over 32 stories (320 meters) onto concrete.

3. Cats and humans have nearly identical sections of the brain that control emotion.

4. There are 45 Hemingway cats living at the author’s former home in Key West, Fla.

5. Abraham Lincoln kept four cats in the White House.

6. When asked if her husband had any hobbies, Mary Todd Lincoln is said to have replied “cats.”

7. Cats have a longer-term memory than dogs, especially when they learn by actually doing rather than simply seeing.


How much should we really appreciate our pets?

Have you ever thought about the significance of pets in your life? Who makes you burst out laughing when you feel down? Be it a kitty or puppy, it’s important that we truly appreciate what our pets do for us, even when they get a bit naughty at times.

About 71 million of American households own some kind of a pet. It’s been long proven that pets contribute to well-being and mood upbringing of humans. In a study by Kathie Cole, a nurse at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center and her collaborators showed that when volunteers accompanied by dogs visited the heart failure inpatients, the anxiety level of those patients fell by 24%. On the other hand the anxiety level of those patients that had a person come in without a dog, decreased only by 10%. According to Doctor Karen Allen Shykoff, a professor at the State University of New York in Buffalo “Having a dog in the room lowers blood pressure better than taking a popular type of blood pressure medication (ACE inhibitor) when you are under stress.”




Pet therapy works on elderly, children, and essentially people of any age. Numerous programs have been developed throughout the years such as Pet for Vet, Silver Paws, Animal-Assisted Therapy and etc. to aid people with stress and depression. For instance in the Silver Paws program, cats or dogs are adopted by senior citizens and then the seniors participate in adoption orientations and trainings with other adoptees. All the costs related to animal care are provided by the organization. This way the seniors get to socialize and take care of their pets. This is very important for elderly since a lot of times they get lonely and need someone or something to care for and feel needed in order to function. As stated by Rebecca Johnson, a nurse that heads the Research Center for Human/Animal Interaction at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, animals-human daily interaction develops a hormone called Oxytocin that “"…has some powerful effects for us in the body's ability to be in a state of readiness to heal, and also to grow new cells, so it predisposes us to an environment in our own bodies where we can be healthier."



Now take a look at your purring, furry-nugget or mischievous, barking puppy and start appreciating the true love they give to you.




How to Litter Box Train Your Kitten

Training your cat on how to use litter box can be a tricky job. Aside from providing your cat or kitten with food, safe environment, and a comfortable shelter, you also need to know the importance of litter box training. Although it is not as important as giving food and shelter to your cat, sooner or later, you’ll find out that litter box training is a vital part taking care of your cat.

Training your kitten on how to use litter box is the basic steps to avoid problem from beginning, in the first place. Addressing your problem earlier is better than dealing with it when it became a major issue. Training your kitten will save you from lots of headache of major cleaning. Adopting your kitten on how to use litter box will be easy than training them when they aged.

How to Litter Train a Kitten picture|kitty|litter|box|cute

Training your kitten is a simple and easy task because using a litter box comes naturally in them. All you need to do is to provide them with training materials and a strategy to make your kitten follow you. Here are some tips on how to litter train a kitten;

  • Pick a litter box. Litter box has various styles, designs, shape, and colors, so picking the best litter box for your kitten will be easy. However, since you are just starting to train your kitten, it is better to start your training in a simple way. Keep in mind that your litter box must be comfortable and safe to your kitten.
  • Pick the perfect location. Picking the same location will help the kitten to learn quickly and to become accustomed to the place. Introducing your cat to its litter box will help them to become familiar with it.

Training your kitten on how to use litter box will be easy if you teach them the proper way and make sure that you keep your eyes on your kitten during the training. You also need to keep the litter box clean and you can be assured with your success.




Importance of Litter Training 

It is very important that you train your kitten on how to use litter box. Keep in mind that training a cat or kitten is different from training a dog or a puppy. Actually, teaching your cat to use litter box is easier than teaching a dog because kitten has a natural instinct that will help them cope up with different situation. You just need to pick the best litter box the will suit to her needs. Believe it or not, cat or kitten do have their own preferences, so make sure that your litter box is within the taste of your kitten.

To prevent problem in near future, you need to train your kitten on how to use litter box while it is young. If you teach them the proper way of using litter box, it will save you a lot of headache and major cleaning bills in near future.



Own a Well-Disciplined Cat with Automatic Cat Litter Box

Are you looking for the best means of making your cat litter training easier and simpler? Well, no need for you to be bothered anymore since automatic cat litter box training is already here to help you out with such concerns. Automatic cat litter box training can be at its easiest phase if the pet owner will be using Litter Getter as one of the product that will be combined with their automatic cat litter box. Litter Getter is the most effective and convenient type of litter training that can easily assist and guide your pet cat with their littering activity

The common question asked by cat owners is how Litter Getter can help train a cat to an automatic litter box? Well, this is due to the high quality natural features Litter getter possesses which can easily help cat to develop well-mannered approach in litter box training. To give you an idea as to how Litter Getter helps cat with their litter box training here are some of the things you need to consider and these are as follows:

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  • Effective and Natural Scents

This litter getter has 100% natural scents which are primarily based from the combined herbs and natural ingredients. This is very essential since training your cat to use their litter box can be easy since they will enjoy littering on it because of the fragrant and natural scent. Litter getter can drive cat to stay in the place every time they wanted to dispose their waste due to the scent.

  • Litter Attractant Featurescat|Automatic|litter|box|Training

Litter Getter can easily attract cats to stay in the place because of the attractive features that it possesses. Convenient impact of this product plays an essential role in making the litter training of your cat easier. The use of Litter Getter will easily and properly guide and assist your cat towards the right litter box promoting consistent and even long-term use of their litter box. This is one way of practicing them with the right litter training they need to develop as they grow old.

With litter getter, cat owners are given great assurance that they can effectively guide and help their cats towards becoming well-mannered when it comes to their littering and disposing activity. With the high quality features that this product puts emphasis with, cat owners will be given relaxing and convenient time without worrying on littering problems of their cat. So, spare time to have this litter getter for your cat during their litter training with their automatic cat litter box for effective and convenient training results you are aiming for.
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