How to litter box train your cat | Litter training a kitten


Litter Getter™ attracts problem cats back to the litter box and assists older cats to the litter box by using 100% natural scent. Our proven results in training cats to use the litter box and prevent litter box problems means you can get back to enjoying your house instead of cleaning it.



Litter Getter™ clumps right in with any brand of clumping litter while reducing unpleasant litter box odor. Kitten training has never been easier. The use of Litter Getter™ will assist in litter box training and promote the long-term and consistent use of the litter box. Talk about a happy house!


Litter Getter™ is made up of all-natural herbs and plant extracts that are homegrown on our farm. Our blend influence's the felines natural instincts. Cats are attracted by scent, making Litter Getter a great option for visually impaired cats as well.    


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October 20, 2014

Are you looking for the best means of making your cat litter training easier and simpler? Well, no need for you to be bothered anymore since automatic cat litter box training is already here to help you out with such concerns. Automatic cat litter box training can be at its easiest phase if the pet owner will be using Litter Getter as one of the product that will be combined with their automatic cat litter box. Litter Getter is the most effective and convenient type of litter training that can easily assist and guide your pet cat with their littering activity The common question asked by cat owners is how Litter Getter can help train a cat to an automatic...

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How many cat breeds are there?

October 16, 2014

Have you ever wondered why there are over 600 different dog breeds and only about seventy cat breeds? One of the reasons why is because dogs have been domesticated for a longer time than cats. They were essential for people of that time because they served as hunters, sled haulers and herders. Humans started to cross breed dogs to produce more work efficient breeds. When cats were finally domesticated, they became mousers and travel companions for humans. During the 1950’s new breeds started to appear due to erupted popularity of cats. The three biggest cat organizations are: The Cat Fanciers' Association, the American Cat Fanciers Association and the International Cat Association. Today there are about seventy-three official cat pedigrees that...

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